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Virtual Advisor

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Is there a way to do more research on the virtual advisors and their style of play? Maybe some preflop charts on how they play or overview of their post flop game? I'm just trying to pick the best advisor for me and how I would like to play.


  • AllenBlay

    Hi, if you hover over your opponents you can see all their statistics. Sometimes you will encounter one of the virtual advisors and that will give you a guide to their stats.

    But for the advisors, I just recommend picking one that has a general style similar to what you want to play. I've talked about the advisors a lot on this forum and I don't think they should be used as a guide for how you want to play. They are good for a viewpoint when you aren't sure what you should do, but the best way to get better using this site is to play a lot of hands and use the training plans to identify the weaknesses. Then practice using the links from your training plan, querying the advisors when you run into a tough spot.


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