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I was watching a video about the site and it was advised that I would be better off not asking the advisors for help so that my mistakes would be reflected in my reports. Is that correct? Will my mistakes be reflected in my reports so that I can work on correcting them later?


  • AllenBlay

    What this is saying is that if you TAKE the advice from the advisors, that is your action, so it is going to analyze your session based on that play. You can look at the advice and that will not affect your training, as long as you don't change your play to do what the advisors say.

    If you play the way you want to play, any mistakes or good plays that you make will be reflected in your reports and training plans.

    I personally prefer to just play the hands first, and then when I replay them see what the advisors say. But looking at the advice as you play doesn't change your reports unless you take the advice.

    I hope that explains it.


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