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Poker Session Analysis Report - which hands lowered my score?


When finishing and SNG the Poker Session Analysis Report appears. I like the feedback it provides.

In the 'Session RealPokerSkill - All Hands Played' part it provides Skill Rating, IQ Score, Percentage for each street.

It would be helpful if it could show me the hands that I played that have decreased my overall scores so I can see where I can improve. I would like to review those hands afterwards to see what I could have done better.


  • AllenBlay

    When you look at the session analysis report you will see a listing of hands that were flagged by the analyzer. Those hands that were flagged are the ones you want to look at. The way the Skill ratings are calculated, it doesn't make sense to look at individual hands related to that number because many hands have both "good" plays and "mistakes". In isolation, the ratings are very results-oriented, but in the aggregate, especially over large samples, they are very accurate. We've used overall ratings to predict future performance by members, so in the long run, it measures skill very well. However, there is so much variance in them that my usual advice is to consider the skill rating for an individual session to be something fun to look at. The real thing you want to pay attention to are the hands flagged by the analyzer.

    Here's a detailed explanation of how the skill scores are calculated:


  • killerhandk

    Thanks Allen

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