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I'm a losing poker player that can't tell why?

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Hey forum, maybe someone can help me. I've been reading, playing and practicing on this site for some time now. I go to the casino at play 1/2 no limit hold em almost every weekend. I DO NOT have a winning record and can't remember when I had a winning streak. I either lose, break even or win very little. On the hour ride home, I've decided to either find and fix my leaks or give up the game. Being that I love the game, I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to find my weaknesses.


  • evo_psye

    Would need a ton more information before I or anyone could analyze what's going on.

    What ranges do you play from each position at the table?
    Do you open limp?
    What hands are you 3beting and from which positions?
    What hands do you cold call with and from what positions?
    Do you typically check and call or bet and raise?

    If you don't know what your stats are (vpip/pfr/3b/ etc.) then I'd suggest butting $100 dollars on ignition (assuming you live in the US) and playing .02c/.05c zoom while running poker tracker 4. This will give you the in depth statistics needed to start giving you an answer. Online poker is way more difficult than live play. A general rule of thumb is that if you can beat 50nl online you can beat 2/5 live basically anywhere in the US.

  • evo_psye
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    Also, what's your bb/100 and hands played on this site. If you're not absolutely crushing this AI, especially for the easy-medium difficulty (think 20bb/100 or more) you shouldn't be playing for money you're not totally fine losing.

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