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I am wondering how often do you update the information on here. I noticed most of the "Beat the Pros" section other than Kenna James is 7 years old. Some of the strategies are timeless but certainly the poker world is ever changing. Do you have plans to continue to update this section with new videos or topics?


  • AllenBlay

    We are always updating things and adding new features. We fairly recently added the Combat Trainer feature and have created a bunch of those, which help you with specific types of hands. This is basically a different version of our Beat the Pro challenges that enables you to practice more hands that are different each time, whereas the BTP challenges by definition have to be constant sets of hands. We also added in the Madness Cups to enable challenges between members playing the same hands. Currently, we are working on a major update to the bots because like you say the poker world is changing.

    We may or may not do more beat the pro challenges in the future, but we are always updating our content.


  • hodgy20h

    Great. Thanks for the quick response. I've definitely enjoyed the content so far. Will see if it all helps next time I get to a table.

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