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not enough advice on raising when first in


In most advice and guidelines for first in the pot, the general guidance is to raise. I have found the advice when playing a medium difficulty $2/$5 NL 9 max there is way to many of the advisors saying to just limp. Why is this the case from so many advisors if the prevailing guidance has always to raise if 1st in?


  • igor367i

    Yes, I noticed this advice behavior and have questioned it as well. I could understand this advice in a loose passive game where raising does not push anybody out of the pot and so you just end up with 6 callers and a large pot going into the flop. However, with reasonably tight opponents I always thought that open-raising is almost always preferable to limping.

  • evo_psye

    I can't speak to the reason for the advice but I can tell you when open limping is an optimal strategy. If a table has a combined isolation raise frequency around 30% then the optimal strategy is to limp a tight range 13-15% of hands with the intention of 3 betting the iso with some calls mixed in depending on the position. The bottom of your range outside the top 12-15% can then be rfi if the table conditions suggest its profitable. This goes against all mainstream advice but sims node locked for player pool tendencies are starting to emerge which demonstrate that its a vastly more profitable strategy. Esp if the iso continues to the have the top of your range vs. an extremely wide range....

  • johnmarj

    If is good enough to limp is good enough for raise. I limp/re raise aa and kings 25% of time.

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