A5s during "Chips on the Beach" session


I'm playing the "Chips on the Beach" simulation on APT. This particular game is 2/5, very loose with a lot of passive callers. Everybody has around 100BB. I'm in the small blind, and I have A5s. Three players limp. The pot is $22 and it costs me $3 to see the flop.

In this scenario, every APT adviser recommended folding. What I don't understand is why. Yes, my position is bad, but I'm getting approximately 7:1 odds of calling and since the game is loose, it's unlikely that big blind behind me is going to raise. Most likely he will check, and I will get to see the flop. So is this really a fold?


  • teepackt
    edited July 4
    In the long run yes. A5 suited OOP in a multi handed flop is just not that strong. And you’re probably gonna have to chase all the way to the river in a bloated pot to hit the straight or flush.
  • willgail1w

    The software on this site is consistent with that recommendation. It's AI must have it be a negative EV for even 1/2 blind, especially factoring in some probability of a raise from BB. Seeing a flop with suited ace with wheel potential isn't worst mistake any of us will ever make. It's a better play than random off-suited ace, but still marginal hand. Problem with the hands that 240 people limp in is that you can't put anyone on a good range and probably have to make better than 1 pair to feel comfortable if there is any action at all.

  • jeniferajeej

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