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  • janetnelsonj

    Hi Twinkel, I am a beginner myself. When I first started playing free poker online, it was on WPC, and I managed to win over 2 million in just three months. However, when I played my first real money game, I couldn't even double my deposit on my first day and lost it all. I am not sure what went wrong, but I want to learn more. Right now, I feel I am not ready to start playing with real money. I will do my research, and if I find something valuable, I will use this thread to share it.

  • evo_psye

    Play money vs real money poker might as well be entirely different games. My advice:

    1.) I've read all the modern books on poker and taken the 4 most popular poker courses on the market. I personally don't think any are great. I guess I'd suggest 'The Grinders Manual' as the first book to read. It's free online just google it. This book is pre-solver if I remember correctly. Outside of 'TGM' and maybe 'Applications of NLH' you never want to read anything or take any advice that isn't grounded in PIO/Monker/etc solutions.

    2.) Start at the very lowest possible stakes. Find a site with .01/.02 and deposit 100 dollars. Especially in the beginning you're going to need 100 buyins to not go broke.

    3.) Purchase PT4

    4.)Play 6-max cash games online and only 6-max cash games. Never move to a different poker format until you've master 1. Once you're a winning player at 6-max cash, you'll have all the fundamentals to easily transition into tournaments, full ring, etc.

    5.) Play ABC poker for your first 100,000 hands. Until you reach this amount of hands it will be impossible to evaluate if you're a winning player.

    -play tight preflop and when you enter the pot you come with an open raise
    -mostly 3bet or fold; cold calling around 4%
    -Post flop bet fairly large (2/3-3/4) with top pair+ and good draws
    -Check 2nd pair and below with the intention of calling at least 1 bet
    -TPTK+ develop a raising range
    -Fold 85%+ to a check raise

    This will get you winning if your bankroll is 100 buy ins. After you get abc down start studying gto.

  • johnmarj

    Evo gave you great ideas! In addition to his ideas:
    Watch splitsuit on youtube
    Practice beat the pro on APT
    Practice on APT until you can beat KGB level
    If you can beat KGB you can beat any low stake games at a casino

  • beansicecreamb
    edited September 2021

    New poker player here. I always played just online free poker. I will try now with money. Do you have any tips for me?

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