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Tricky nut flush draw situation - what should Hero do?


Hi, hoping to get some good advice on this situation I have encountered more than once playing 5/10c NLH 6 max on partypoker.

Hero opens to .3 in CO with AsTs. V calls on B. SB and BB fold. Flop Ks-9s-6d. Hero checks, V bets .44 into .75 pot, Hero checkraises to 1.25 with nut flush draw. V re-raises to 4.35 (pot now 6.35). Effective remaining stacks are 7.22.

What should hero do? Need 33% equity for a call but only have 18% immediate. Shoving needs 42% equity but likely only have about 36%. Folding seems dumb with nut flush draw since V could have a worse flush draw or maybe something like KQ. I shoved and V had 66 and ended up with quads.


  • willgail1w

    Was your opponent spewy, where you expected a bet to come from your check and planned to C/R? Once villain three bets you and if he isn't spewy, there is very good chance you are up against a premium hand and are rarely getting a fold. Leading out gives you more options as you can take down hand with less risk if villain doesn't play back, you can assess when villain raises. Maybe you get all in anyway, but at least pot isn't immediately bloated and you have chance to make more informed decision on turn.

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