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How Can I Improve Just My Pre-Flop Decisions


I have noticed that the lowest score in my Poker IQ is my Pre-Flop play. How can I practice just the pre-flop play?

I am not sure if I am raising too much, raising too little, folding when I should call or calling when I should raise, etc.


  • HugoX

    I have a similar challenge in 6 max, I'm doing something I think will help.
    set the game, for type of hands raising, and pick a position, then set the adviser to only advise if your bet is different than the adviser would have given.

    then do the same in each position.

    After I get a good feel for raising hands, then I will do the same for playable hands , small and mid pair, then suited connectors.

    Been playing 100s of thousands of hands, but not really learning, if you're not winning, just playing more hands is not the answer, you gotta DO something different

    It's been said, that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result it the hallmark of insanity.

    Hugoism #14, Don't be a nut. (advise for self)

  • apt_gs

    Thanks HugoX. That is good advice (including the "you gotta DO something different" statement).

  • kaspal

    I have a similar but I think quicker way to improve preflop. Play at KGB's dungeon with peek at the hand enabled. So you can see with which hand the bots steal, raise etc. Take notes and you'll see the results.

  • AllenBlay

    That's a good suggestion for figuring out the bots kaspal. For anyone who hasn't used this feature, it is a checkbox on the bottom that says "Peek at end" and lets you see all the cards at the end of the hand.

    The only problem with that is that it is a bit unrealistic - you can't usually do that in a real game. So if you are trying to get better at your skills in figuring out opponents, that approach might give you a false sense of security. It might be ok to do this ocassionally if you want to, but it probably isn't a great idea to do on a regular basis if you want to get used to figuring out opponents on your own.

  • grosseronkelg

    I think Kaspal is doing this not to outplay the bots, but to build a starting hand range. IMO still not very effecive but everybody has his own style of learning.

  • monkeysystem

    @HugoX said:
    if you're not winning, just playing more hands is not the answer, you gotta DO something different

    Hugoism #14, Don't be a nut. (advise for self)

    "You gotta DO something different" That's awesome, and well-put. Love it!

    Look what you've started, HugoX. Don't tease us with just #14. We want all the Hugoisms...

  • kaspal

    grosseronkel is right about my advice. I myself don't need to spy the bots to outplay them, but occasionally enable peek at end to see with which range the bots open from CO for example. I discovered they are much looser than I thought.

  • davedillman

    My understanding is the stronger the player or bot, the better they will play post-flop, therefore, their pre-flop range could be quite loose.

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