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Florida poker rooms


I was flipping through my Bravo app, and it seems BestBet (Jacksonville) was not on there. What games are there? Are there limit or stud games? Is there a mixed crowd with both recs and regs?

Can anyone comment on the other FL poker rooms? I didn't realize there were so many until I was looking at the app.


  • SteveBlay

    Yes, there are always some limit games going on at BestBet, it's a huge poker room (largest in the state -- at least it was, I'm not sure if the Tampa Hard Rock is bigger now after the recent remodel).

    I can't say for sure about stud games since I don't play it and I haven't paid attention to that.

    As far as No-Limit, on any given night there will be about 10 tables of $2/$2 and a few tables of $2/$5. Both games do have a lot of regs, but there are always a few players (even at $2/$5) who will play any Ace, any two suited cards, draw to just about anything on the flop etc.

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