Real IQ vs Skills

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As I gain experience with the site, my impression is that my Real Poker IQ varies a lot across sessions depending on luck and outcome (of course, making good choices is also a key factor!). I'm tempted to place more emphasis on the Skills section of My Reports, which looks like what I imagine a mini-HUD might look like. Is this reasonable?

Also, I base my pre-flop ranges on Ed Miller's "The Course," and open-raise the entire range, as he suggests. I'm learning that this results in folding too often to opponents' 3-bets (if I follow the recommendations of my Advisors). Any suggestions for articles or videos that will help me construct solid 3- and 4-betting ranges based on Ed's opening ranges?

Thank you!


  • AllenBlay

    The IQ score is solely for fun. There are a bunch of threads in this forum covering it - don't take it as a serious session measure - it's good for long-term, but not short-term.

    As far as Ed's course, I don't use it, but I also would not recommend directly following the advisors. The advisors are giving one possible line, but I play back a lot more than they recommend. I don't have any good suggestions personally for articles or videos based off of Ed's materials, but you might be able to find something over at 2+2 or someone else here may know.


  • turtle_out_dude

    Hi Allen,

    Thank you for the prompt and informative reply!


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