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Open question to Poker Experts: What can /r/chess learn from /r/poker?


Hello everyone,,

Recently read Nate Silver's the Signal and the Noise, where there is a chapter on poker and chess.

I am intrigued: What can a club player learn from the average poker player to improve his game???


  • AllenBlay
    I need to read this book. That sounds really interesting. There are a lot of similarities between chess and poker for sure.

    I think the most important thing you can learn from average players is watching the ways on which they systematically differ from pseudo-GTO play. To maximize value, you have to base your play against an unknown player as if they are the average for your type of game, and that play may be very different from how you play against a strong player.

    I'm not sure if the context from the book is different, but this is an interesting topic to discuss.
  • JasonJiuJitsu

    I routinely play chess while playing MTTs. It helps me with focus, concentration, and strategy. However, I don't play challenging chess. I play vs the pc on level 2 out of 5. I'm not trying to be a chess master and/or compete; It's solely there for reason I've mentioned. Plus, I work online cryptograms and logic puzzles, too, for these reasons. Hope it helps. Check and Mate!

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