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BB/100 ??


hello new to the site and i like it alot....i have played poker for over 20 years its been good to me. i need someone to help to understand the BB/100. ive played 2500 hands and my BB/100 is 39.52 it cant be that hard to understand ...thanks tim


  • pgearan

    That just means you are winning 39.52 BBs for every 100 hands you play. It's a way to level the return metrics independent of whether the blinds are $2, $10, $100 etc.. So if you were playing $1/$2, for example, you'd be winning about $79 on average for every 100 hands you play (not considering rake in a typical cardroom because we don't rake hands on the site).

  • nytider

    My understanding, which could easily be wrong, is that BB/100 Hands is typically an online metric. The equivalent metric for live play, at least in times past, has been BB/Hour. So if you want to figure that out, you would figure out how many hands your room deals in an hour, and divide it up. So in the previous example, with the $79.00 per 100 hands rate, you might figure that your local casino deals around 25 hands per hour. So you are coming in at around $20 per hour, before rake, tips, and other expenses.

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