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Why is AI not dominating online poker?

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If a human player can be a winning one, surely a computer can be as well considering how advanced technology is today? It just crossed my mind and I'm curious. Cheers!


  • rcmorear

    Surely a computer can be as well?

    No, I don't think that's sure at all. Computers are good, at least so far, at doing things that are concrete and certain, such as checkers, chess, go, whatever. The board is always the same, the rules are always the same, there's nothing hidden and no deception. Also, importantly, there are only two players to contend with.

    AIs simply aren't that good (yet?) with vague situations, sliding scales, multiple opponents, etc.

    AIs actually are better than decent at poker and can beat most humans. In cases that favor computers such as heads up or limit games, they do better still. But in multi-player and no limit games, there just aren't enough concrete rules to apply and we still are in the world of judgement--at least enough that a human who knows the numbers pretty well and can apply judgement still beats a computer that knows the numbers better but can't apply judgement.

    Or something like that.

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