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Playing medium suited connectors


I've been practicing medium suited connectors on this website for a while now and it seems that they promote trying to catch a cheap flop with these hands pretty much from any position. I find that it can lead to a pretty big leak paying all these blinds and having to fold from a later raiser or from flopping duds. What do you guys the right balance is?


  • MAM4M
    edited September 2017

    I would only play medium/small suited connectors (J-10 to 5-4):

    (1) from the back (button, cutoff, hijack)


    (2) ideally if I can put in the first preflop raise with the expectation of being able to get to the flop heads up vs. one opponent.

    I might call a standard preflop raise with them on the button if I think I'm going to get a multiway pot going to the flop, but not more than that.

    The fundamental problem with them is that you always want to be in position to control the size of the pot to (1) try to get a maximum payoff when you have the best hand and (2) to try to limit the damage if you run into someone in front of you with the A-x or K-x overflush. If you play them too much in limp pots where 4 or 5 people are going to the flop, running them into an overflush can become an all too common occurrence. At least with a preflop raise, you hope to weed out the suited K-rag hands that might be in for a limp.

  • dhirigoyd

    I tend to agree with you. I'm just wondering why there's such an emphasis on limping with them from any position on this website. Same for Ax suited actually

  • nytider

    I have also noticed a lot of encouragement to limp or limp behind with these hands (small suited connectors and suited A-rags) as well as small pocket pairs. I assume it is just that the implied odds are so good for a multi-way pot when I do hit the flop. But I also agree that there are a lot of times when I run into better straights and flushes, or face someone in late position punishing the limpers with a big raise.

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