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Very Passive or Very Tight


Has anyone else noticed that the personalities are either very passive (in the easy lineups) or very tight (in the tough lineups) and not much in between?

OK, it's not surprising, since loose-passive is the easiest way to model a weak opponent, and tight-aggressive is the easiest way to model a strong one. But I don't see real world players like this too often.

What's missing is loose-aggressive players, both the maniac type that are burning off money, but also the solid type have made it a winning style.

None of the personalities seem to have heard of the "raise first in" concept. Granted, I don't want to see all of them play that way, because that wouldn't be realistic either, but some should.

I've tried to play the "easy" lineups to force looseness, and then set the "too aggressive" marker to force aggression, but it's still four callers to my big blind, time after time. Meanwhile, moving into the "medium" toughness settings, and I'm not seeing four and more players to the flop, and honestly it's still pretty passive. Eventually the "tough" lineups may do some raising, but by that point there's only two players taking the flop.

There needs to be a loose-aggressive lineup, which I'd say should have the following characteristics: a) usually raised preflop, b) usually four or more players take the flop, c) usually someone bets the flop.

Am I missing it?

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