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All Advisors Said Raise Q4o

edited December 2020 in Specific Hand Questions

Any idea why? I realize I was close to being blinded out but thought Q4o was too weak to go all-in.


  • nytider

    It looks like this is a big blind ante tournament. As such, I see two things you'd need to be aware of. First, in two hands, you're going to be the big blind, and have to commit 1/3 of your stack with a random hand, which could be worse than Q4o. Being first in here gives you maximum fold equity. And second, the guy who is going to be big blind next does not have enough to post the blind and the ante. So if you do wait one more hand, there is less money for you to win.

  • keelrrabbitk

    That makes sense. It's a "desperate times, calls for desperate measures" scenario that benefits from me acting sooner rather than later.

  • JasonJiuJitsu

    Nytider is correct. At times, cards are irrelevant; It's all about using your stack (or what's left of it) to steal the blinds. Even if called by a better hand, most times it's a 60-40, and at that stage you have to gamble. Remember the cardinal rule, "Thy shall not blind out." Or you'll go out like Broomcorn's uncle. What happened to Broomcorn's uncle you ask? He anted himself to death. lol (Doyle Brunson story)

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