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All Advisors Said Fold

edited December 2020 in Specific Hand Questions

I'm a new player. The Jonathon Little push-fold chart recommended all-in for my 4 BB stack size. Why did all of the advisors recommend I fold?


  • keelrrabbitk

    Sorry for posting multiple times. I kept getting an error that said "try again later". I didn't realize it was actually working each time.

  • nytider

    The replay only shows the one advisor. But I think I would jam there. Of course, I am pretty good at incinerating short stacks.

  • keelrrabbitk

    It's comforting to know there is at least one other maniac in the world that would probably shove at that juncture :)

  • willgail1w

    Fun hand. Always looking for a chance to re-shove with short stack. Against one limper, good chance to get a fold from 'want to see a flop' hand. Against two limpers, I would expect to see a light call and a race against small pair, Ax not big or something soooted that ends up a pot odds call. I wouldn't shove over two limpers but would have over one.

  • rcmorear

    It would seem the advisor isn't adjusting enough for short stack tournament situation. I agree it's a shove.

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