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How does Stokley bot fold here?


Background - with my profile being a solid 74% c-bet percentage and an aggression factor of 3.8, how does the Stokley bot fold top pair-queen kicker with position going to the turn to my flop bet?

It makes zero sense that the bot can know that it is dominated in this position and make the fold here.

Watch replay


  • MAM4M
    edited September 2017

    Note on the above, the replay doesn't show it but when I peeked at the end, Stokley bot had folded Qh-Jh.

    What is Stokley bot limp-calling pre-flop to do there with Qh-Jh? To continue on the flop ONLY if it flops the flush draw, straight draw, or two pair???

    With position, doesn't Stokely bot have to look up my flop bet and force me to decide whether I'll continue to push the action on the turn? If I don't, Stokely bot then has a green light to fire on the turn and attempt to get me to fold there.

    Follow-up to this - so the next session I play I get the same scenario, heads-up out of position with A-Q on a Q-x-x rainbow board vs. one bot. This time I check the flop trying to slow play it a bit if the bots aren't going to pay off a flop bet. Bot checks the flop, and then, of course, catches a two-outer 5 on the turn to make its set. Makes me question the randomness of the APT universe. :wink:

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