No way anybody folds top pair there!

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I think AI needs some work


  • nytider

    I assume the SB had a K? What was the kicker and what were his suits? The replay isn't letting me see his cards.

  • willgail1w

    Villain has wide range here as the Donk Bet is a hyper used move with AI opponents. Could have a K, or any pair, gutter ball, could have gotten a little bit of flop w/A5, A4, 56, 46. That's why the recommendations lean so heavily to playing back hard at donk leads. Very different from live games where fewer people donk and often times its a big hand.

  • rcmorear
    edited January 17

    Villain has KQ in diamonds and clubs for those who say they can't see. Yeah, tough to see that being a fold. Course it could lose, but at this point you have to play it.

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