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Short stacked raise with 64dd?


Hi there,

New to APT, was advised by every trainer I looked at to raise here. If someone could explain the rationale I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


  • pgearan

    I suspect some of this is picking hand(s) to balance their play. So with all the traditional strong hands they would raise with, there are some medium and low suited connectors and gapped connectors they may miss in. I suspect this is the bottom of that range.

    But the tournament situation of having only 11 big blinds left plays in is likely the bigger factor. They need to win some blinds to stay afloat, and here's a situation where the 3 EP players folded so you have the opportunity to open raise with only 5 players behind and none with the kind of stacks to flat call with. So the advisors are likely splitting the risk here: they could shove with only 11 blinds but if they get called they are in bad shape to the calling range obviously. Or he goes with this 3x+ range raise, and is able to fold if late position players - who all have 11-14 blinds - shoves over the top. Their greatest risk is the BB shoving with a big range because they are desperate, but she only has $1600 above the initial bet so the call is an easy one for the open raiser - at that point getting the odds to call with pretty much any 2 cards and in OK shape against anything except overpairs.

    One of the tough things about tournaments, when you get into the 10-20 blind range, is finding a spot to steal blinds with decent position when someone else has not open raised already. Sometimes you have to take a shot with hands pretty far down your range when you get folded around to. I think too many people wait looking for a hand then end up having to shove with anything UTG once they get down below 7-8 blinds because they have to avoid another blind hit.

  • thehebrewjammert

    This makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the explanation!

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