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Folding to a set


I'm having difficulty folding big hands against hidden sets. Any thoughts on how to fish out a possible pocket pair set from the flop or when to fold?


  • horenth

    Depends on the situation. If he's a tight player, then you might want to dump top pair top kicker fearing a set when the action gets heavy. If he's loose, then proceed with caution with top pair top kicker. Moving onto to two pair, hard to fold. That's because you block so many combos.

    Suppose we raise with KQ from UTG and he calls us on the button. Flop comes KQ6. He would likely re-raise Kings and Queens - but even if he doesn't, there's only three kings left and three queens left in the deck = 6 of them. Then there is six combos of 66 left. So there are 12 combos of sets. But then JT alone has 16 combos (he could playing that a semi-bluff) and we have that crushed. So in summary, think about laying down top pair against a tight player, proceed with caution against a loose player raising aggressively. Two pair only fold if you have a very good read.

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