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chat and tournament


Hello. I am very new here-less than half a week, I think. I am not yet sure how things work. I was hoping to find spontaneous chat amongst players. I signed up for todays-tuesdays tournament where each person is matched with another player and play same hands against a bot. At the sign up time , it said 6 pm...not sure what time zone it is referring to, as now I see there is one at 8pm. I am on EST. Also, not sure where to go and how to start tournament play. Thank you


  • poker-travel_enthusedp

    The game is called madness cup #2

  • nytider

    You should get an Email with a link to follow for that game. I think you can also get there by clicking on the Madness Cup on the main page.

  • poker-travel_enthusedp

    Thank you-didnt see it on the main page for some reason and did check my email....but since have checked my other email and found the message and link....was wondering why I didnt get an email after upgading to annual membership and after registering for the madness cup. think I first signed up free from one email and now a paid membership from another, may be the confusion, but did find it. Appreciate your reply, thank you

  • AllenBlay

    Just a clarification - the person you play against is not playing at the same time as you. You both play the same 100 hands against the same computerized opponents (who also have the same hands). However, you can play these hands any time over a 24 hour period, so you won't be directly chatting with any opponents in this type of tournament.

  • winnetka1w
    Welcome to the site. You might want to play in the daily live tournaments. There are 2 per day. You can chat with other players and they are fun. There are a wide variety of player skills and a wide variety of player types. Most are friendly and will offer guidance on how to navigate the site.
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