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Veteran Consideration

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Greetings All, I'm a 78yr. old Veteran, living(sic) on Social Security, which is $1364.00, a month. Part of my Bucket List is to learn to win at Hold'em to earn enough to complete the List. I would like to make some type of payment arraignment which I could afford. Please take this into consideration. Thank you very much. Your's Theo. Winfrey


  • winnetka1w
    Theo, thank you for your service. I would suggest that you play in the daily live tournaments that are on this site. You can join a tournament free. There are a number of non paying members that play. Poke around the site looking for the Live Tournament button. Press that it will take you to the lobby. Press tournaments and the list of tournaments will be displayed. Select the tournament of the day and register. Play in those tournaments and later search on you tube to watch poker videos. This can get you started with no out of pocket expenses. Good luck.
  • pawnee68

    I'm a veteran as well, but I"m able to pay the site. Before I paid, I spent A LOT of time on the free tournaments. It was definitely worth it.

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