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Best mix of opponents to simulate microstakes play


I've been a member for a few years. I migrated from online back in the 2000 to live play until covid hit.
APT was instrumental in my live full ring success. It was quite uncanny. Now I am back online. I'm having a hard time adjusting. I've read a number of articles that indicate that the skill of the average player is greater online than back in the poker boom. Question here is what range of opponents would be best to simulate microstakes (.10-.25) 6Max play?


  • pgearan

    I would definitely play a Medium level of table selection (maybe even some of the ower hard games) and also select "more aggressive than usual" in player mix as a start. See how that combo works and even ratchet it up a bit if you still feel the simulation is not aggressive enough for your online experience. People do tend to player very aggressively online at microstakes.

  • rcmorear
    edited January 2021

    I agree with pgearan about the medium tables, set for over-aggression, with one caveat. It's not possible (someone tell me how) to find a lineup where any substantial number of opponents believe in a preflop 'raise first in' strategy (except by choosing a lineup which is also unreasonably tight for a small stakes game). You will see call, call, call in front of you just all the time. After the flop though, you do get a certain amount of aggression (if you set for more aggressive than usual).

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