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GTO Style Opponent


Is there any possibility of adding a GTO-style bot as one of the opponents?

I think emulating a GTO-style is almost mandatory for online games these days, and also in my opinion GTO is the most "pure" form of mastering the game.

The opponents in APT as is are useful to practice for live games because they emulate a lot of common live player styles and mistakes, but even the best "pro opponents" in APT are making obvious GTO mistakes. It's clear from just a few hands that whatever algorithm is driving their decisions is not based in GTO, and I suspect that the bot algorithms are hand-based and not range-based.

I'm not sure what the programming this requires, maybe it's an impossibly large amount of work to add than "just another opponent." But obviously I'm not looking for the same level of precision as a real GTO solver.


  • AllenBlay

    This is a possibility moving forward. It is a huge amount of work and very different from the way the bots play now. However, we have some experience with it now because the bots we developed for are based in GTO. Nonetheless, it is a big task and is not something we will be able to do quickly.


  • guitardeang

    Thanks for the reply Allen. I figured it would be much more work than simply adding 1 more style of opponent as the underlying algorithms are likely very different than what you have now, but glad the idea is on your distant future radar!

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