Middle set on three way flop.


2-5, effective stacks $1k+ for the three who saw flop.
I open to $20 from lowjack with 66, called by HJ and BB.
Both players were quiet, but clearly competent. BB had won a big pot early in session and appeared to be tight but not total rock. High Jack guy played a little more, but wasn't splashy.

Flop: Q 6 8 rainbow

BB checks, I check (had check/folded when getting multiple calls to my raises a couple of times in last 1/2 hour), HJ bets $40, BB calls.

I eliminated QQ from either range as this was an active table for 3 bets, thought I didn't have much to dodge on turn, decided to keep pot 3 handed for one more card and called.

Turn: 5 offsuit

BB leads for $60.
At this point I don't want to overtrap and I'm beat by 88 which is possible and 79 which is unlikely for BB range. I thought $60 amount was more of a stab or thin value than an attempt to build a pot. I raise to $210.

HJ folded after brief thought. BB immediately folded KQ face up.

Can't decide if my line was sound for getting value. By checking flop and raising turn, I ended up with $140 more in pot. BB definitely calls if I cbet flop, not sure where HJ really was and how much more I could have gotten through standard bet sizing on flop and turn.

Suggestions on lines?

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