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Turbo Tourney Decision


This is from $150 Turbo at Caesar's. This was last hand at 500/1k/1k, next two levels were 1k/2k/2k and 2k/4k/4k, 20 minute rounds.

55k stack entering hand. Opened from front with AQs. Folds to BB who shoves about 24k. With slower structure this is pretty quick fold. I struggled with decision as re-shove range for this player was not limited to super premium but not super aggro. I have historically taken on races where I think equity is marginally OK in turbos to stay ahead of blinds.

I decided he had range of all super premiums, probably anything 66 or higher in pairs, plus most suited aces, kq, and other suited broadways as he was one hand from being 10 bbs and knew enough dealers that he was turbo reg.

Thoughts on read and strategy in tweener situation like this?


  • GhostEagle

    How Many Players left? Your range assumption was based on his exposed hands or his actions on prior hands? How much did you open for and from what position?

  • willgail1w

    Opened 2.5X, so 2500. I was second to act on 8 handed table with 15 players remaining. My range assumption was that he wasn't a rock, nor loose. He also knew some of the people there, so I thought he could move into latter stage turbo mode at that time, which would widen his range. In a deeper tourney or with 30 minute rounds, would have been an easy fold. Still not sure if I should have called, even with the pace that blinds were headed up.

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