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Unexpected advice from Pro


I've got a group of five hands tagged where I am UTG, and would have folded but the Pro pops up suggesting a big bet or all-in
K2o – UTG – all in from pro
K10o – ditto
J8o – ditto
29o – ditto
39o - ditto

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Best Answers

  • monkeysystem
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    You're on a five-handed final table and the stacks are all 4BB or less, with antes. Fold equity is more important than hand equity. All players should be in preflop shove/fold mode, but many players don't play these situations that way. Pick a good spot, then pretend to look at your cards and shove.

  • pgearan
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    Agree with monkeysytem, when you get 5BB or under and are UTG, don't let the blinds hit you again without shoving, especially at such a short table - shove blind. You'll just end up too small to do anything with another round of blinds and no fold equity. In fact, you should be in shove or fold mode much early than that with a pretty big range - perhaps not any two cards but if you have 10BB and you everyone has folded to you and you have say J9o in the cutoff with tight players in the blinds, that's a shove in my opinion.

    You're hoping for the the fold in your scenario, but even if you are called with the weakest of those hands, 29o, and what will call you is a fairly strong range given - say all pairs, all combinations of Broadway cards, and all Ax hand - you are still 30% to win. If you use your high end of the 5 hands, K10o, against the same range you are up to 40%.

    You can use the APT resource below to check out these scenarios. Select 2 players, and put your 29o in, then go to other player and select a range of hands he/she might call you with similar to what I suggest. You are rarely in terrible shape and you desperately need to either get the blinds to buy you time or double up to put yourself in better position for a better cash.


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