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My Progress so far

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Hi All,
I've been a member for 5 months now and was reading about changes noticed after 3 months on here. I went into my records and found that my SNG Stats were up, even though I hadn't thought so.

My all time stats up until 8/18/2020 my 3 month date were:
21,297 hands Micro Cash
Since 8/18/2020 4796 hands $2.55

Micro Sng's $1-$10 6 max PokerStarsNJ
Before 8/18 352sng ITM 41.5% ROI 22% Profit $95.05
Since 8/18/2020 51sng ITM 47% ROI 73% Profit $73.20

Small sample size but I'm making better decisions the more I train and play.

I want to thank you for the training and I'll continue to learn and grow in my game with your training and articles. Keep it Coming. I Love It!!


  • AllenBlay

    Thanks so much! I really love to hear the glory stories.

    I was telling @SteveBlay the other day that without noticing it happening, I've seen my game improve from playing this game. It is mostly my ability to recognize situations and avoid the big losses on hands. That was my weakness and I didn't realize it. By getting rid of a lot of those, my win rate is way up. The repetition method of training works very well. I'm very glad to hear that it works for you also.

  • GhostEagle
    edited October 2020

    That is exactly what happened. I also peek at the end to see what the different player types would play from each position and betting patterns. It helps when playing for cash, if I recognize the pattern when I'm playing I make extra notes and see if it matches up. It has definitely helped me with my post flop play. Glad to hear your game is going well. Keep it up, one day we may play together.
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