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Affiliate Stats (can't see where visitors come from)


I have got many clicks lately, but most of the time I don't see where they are coming from, just blank, and sometimes it shows my APT affiliate link as the source. What's problem? I have links in my Youtube videos, Instagram page, Facebook and blog, but almost never I can't see where are my visitors coming from. Is there any solution to fix this?


  • AllenBlay

    Hi, because of individual privacy rights, it has become much harder to track where visitors are coming from. We aren't able to see any other information than you can see if people are blocking it (which is the default most of the time). I know some affiliate programs and email trackers solve this by having affiliates post unique links for various sources. Our program is small enough that we have chosen not to add that as a default to avoid an additional level of complexity for our users. We can't see where they are coming from either.

    However, I think I can probably make it work where you can add a keyword to your link that would enable you to see where your affiliates are coming from. Let me see if I can work on this and get back with you.


  • helanderh

    Okay. Thank you

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