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Rake calced

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Do all of your simulations with the bots in, simulate rakeless games?

What about raked games? Do you have simulations for that? It changes the EV.



  • AllenBlay

    Hi Katie,
    Rake does change the EV and makes it much more difficult to win, but in general the consensus is that it does not change your overall strategy much (unless the rake is very high).

    We do not simulate rake because poker strategy is not affected, just your overall winning.

    The one exception to the general rule of "rake is just a cost" is if the rake is very high. If the rake is very high, try to avoid being highly aggressive pre-flop (you want more players in) and play hands that do better multi-way. Try to avoid heads up and small pots post-flop. Also, many places have a rule that there is no rake if the hand ends pre-flop. If that is the case, stealing blinds can become more profitable because the EV of defending against the steal attempt decreases for the person in the blind.

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