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Doug Hull's Poker Plays You Can Use (vols 1 & 2)

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So a few years back, I bought both volumes of Doug Hull's "Poker Plays You Can Use" books. It is a great series and I highly recommend both books (available on Amazon).

I must confess, however, that I didn't complete all of the "missions" in the books, mainly because of my own fear of dropping real money at the tables. Silly, I know ...

But now, with simulations, I can work through the books again and complete Doug's missions without the fear of losing money and with all of the in-depth analysis that APT provides.

Which brings me to my point - APT and Plays You Can Use missions are perfect for each other! I can learn specific plays, test and perfect them in simulation, and then win at the tables.

I bring this up because Doug Hull (Author) and Ed Miller (Editor) are two poker players I admire greatly and are pros here on

If you get a chance, check out a copy of Plays You Can Use vol 1 or vol 2 and do the missions in simulation here on


  • AllenBlay

    This is an outstanding suggestion and I appreciate you posting it. I also love Doug's books and highly recommend this approach. Doug's approach is the right way to learn to be a better poker player - by practicing.

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