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developing bots

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Hello there,

20 year software developer here; I was wondering if it would be possible to expose a way to build custom bots.

Playing online a lot these days and I am noticing some interesting play styles that I don't think any of your bots (even your amateur) really cover.

I would be happy to help out and do the development for free.

Thank you,

Jim Carter


  • kingbee

    I Know very little about software, but this is very doable. In the early nineties, I had a chess program that had many strategy types at different levels with an option to take an existing character and modify him or create your own.It included many subtle things like how much more they value knights or bishops. They even had a setting where the program would adjust to the level of the player, usually winning 2/3. I think the program was called Powerchess. Like APT, it had many ways to practice specific types or situations. You could have your opponent only use Queen's gambit rejected or just set up the board at a certain position and play from there.

    When it no longer worked for me, I bought a newer version and sadly it wasn't as good. I like poker better so I prefer this site. I haven't played chess in years.

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