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BRAIN folds KTs - calls/raises K8s, K9s - Preflop

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I am trying to figure out why the Brain (image below) would recommend folding KTs pre-flop - but calling/raising K8s and K9s - in the small blind after it folds around and the button limps?

I don't have an issue folding KTs because it is weak, but the Brain's answer makes me think there might be more to the story.

Is K9s stronger here? Is K8s?

There is probably a simple, smart answer that I haven't considered yet.


  • winnetka1w
    I just replicated this scenario using Alex Fitzgerald as my advisor.. his recommendation was to raise, with hands down to K7s. I admit the advice you got is strange and I cannot think of any reason why a fold here is reasonable given that K9s is a raising hand. Maybe it is relevant only to your advisor.
  • johnnyjackson

    Alex Assassinato Fitzgerald huh ... maybe I'll check him out. :) Thanks Winn

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