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A9o IP facing a raise from UTG with a 14.5% opening range. An Ace hits the board. UTG has plenty of Ax beating my kicker. He Cbets the flop. He doesn't continue with his small pairs except 55. Its interesting to note that a set of fives has only about %50 equity under these condition. He does continue with his Club suited connectors because gut shot potential and their pairing up possibilities. His semi-bluffs are A5s to A9s, and all unmade combos with a King and the medium suited connectors. His range is reduced to 13.3%, 180 combos, or %72 of his opening range. The Turn is a brick that doesn't change the suggested range of Villain. When the Jack hits the river and my kicker's equity goes up in smoke, and I obliviously continue driving toward the wall, imagining my tombstone will read, "here lies an idiot." RIP A9o...


  • okiepokerplayer

    Hey, in your defense a lot of us seem reluctant to lay down Ax in this type of situation. Laying down top pair is a difficult proposition, especially when faced with a player that has a pretty wide opening range, and 17% UTG is kind of wide. I think on the flop I probably would have called. On the turn, when faced with the continuing aggression, I might have folded there, but again, not always. I have fallen in this same trap many times. Probably a leak I need to shore up as well.

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