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Training query

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First of all, my appreciation to your poker training site. Poker simul is far better than just theory. But nonetheless, I noticed you don't have such theory in this site to learn more of the game. To put us on the poker table and start firing in there is, at least to some, like putting the cart before the horse - unless you claim that this site is not for beginners. After all, this is Advanced Poker Training, presupposing you have a good grasp of the theory.

During the game, I noticed that the positional play and hand range are strictly observed. This really gives you an excellent exercise. However, since most of us would play in a non-pro level, this game exercise becomes unrealistic. In the training game here, if you raise from UTG, everyone folds and you win. We know this doesn't happen in the amateur world. They play every hand and fight to the end even for the bottom pair and you really cannot bluff these kids.

The point is, is there an exercise that simulates that kind of game? The easy level here likewise observes positional play.



  • AllenBlay

    Change the bot styles in the game options and at the lowest level you will find them being fairly loose. We don't have any settings where they just call with everything, but I've found most games can be replicated fairly well. In the game options, experiment with the player mix - making them either much more passive or aggressive than usual, and see if that helps out with what you are looking for.

    As far as the theory - there are plenty of options for that outside of our site - we are trying to fill the void for practicing the theory. I think reading some of the classic books related to the game you play would be useful. We have a list of the 100 best in our blog:

    I hope that is helpful.


  • nytider

    I don't remember exactly how I did it, but I once played around with the MTT settings until I got it feeling pretty close to my bar league games.

    MY rule of thumb is that beating the simulator here is no guarantee of being able to beat live players on a similar level. But if I can't beat the simulator here, it is pretty much a guarantee that I can't beat live players at a similar level.

  • helanderh

    I think APT is great to exercise specific spots, especially weekly training plan rocks

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