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Maybe Craziest Hand Ever


200/400 NL FR eff. stack 44BBs

H UG+2 99

UG Limps
H Iso Raises 4BBs
UG Calls.

Flop: 367 rainbow

H C-Bets 7BBs (2800)
UG Calls

Turn 8d
H Bets 19BBs (7600)
UG Calls

River 7d (3 Diamonds on board, 3c6d7h8d7d)
Hero checks
UG Shoves 14BBs (5600)

UG shoved with nothing. Called two barrels and went all-in on river with nothing! Wild.

Is this just a case of V being pot committed?

Should H just have shoved on turn?


  • GhostEagle

    Depends about shoving. What would it have accomplished, you got all his money. shoving the turn would have robbed you of 14bb and he may well have just folded with nothing since he was last to act. Check call seems about right since folding in that situation would have been ridiculous. Congrats!!

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