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Right Play Wrong Play


200/400 NL FR
Eff. Stack 100BBs
UG Limps
LJ Limps
H Iso Raises 4BBs
UG 3Bets 16BBs
LJ Calls

My read on both Vs is that they are pretty tight, very competent regs.

My thinking is that if LJ had folded, easy call. I have position. UG could 3Bet with AK, AQ as well as hands which beat me. Now, I know pot odds are good here. But I also figure one of them has QQ+. I fold.

Turns out I was right. UG had AA. LJ had QQ. But still...I am very new to poker. And would love to learn some strategy in a situation like this. Do you just hero call because of the odds? Even if chances are high you are crushed? Should I not have raised but called instead? (I hate calling but sometimes do in LP.)


Dazed and Confused

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