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How to Play Big Suited Connectors


Here is my plan for a hand like QJs: 1.) Never Limp (I almost never ever limp.) 2.) Fold to a 3Bet when I am OOP. Just do it. Rarely I will have the best hand if I OR from EP/MP and V 3bets me. Yes, on a rare occasion I will have best hand. But rare. I can live with that. Often, best case scenario is a race. And do I really want to race OOP? 3.) If V is LAG or often TAG, almost always 3Bet if I am in position. Sometimes my spidey sense tells me not to 3Bet a TAG who opens from EP, (smelling AA, KK, Aks,) but generally I love hands like QJs for its playability and the way it realizes equity. Post-Flop play is key, of course. If V 4Bets, I just fold. 4.) In my mind, if QJs hits, (with no draw,) and I have the lead, which I try to have every time, I have a marginal made hand, which is worth usually one street of value in my universe. I C-Bet and if V raises, I call. If my hand doesn't improve and V checks Turn, sometimes I barrel if I have range advantage, sometimes I check if I don't, especially if V has shown that V can check best hand on turn. 5.) I have also barreled with zilch when I have range and nut advantage, especially with good draws, often pushing V off better hands. Of course, if V comes over the top or leads on the turn or river, I fold. The tendencies of V as well as board texture are key here, of course. If I feel my play was solid and I lose less than 10% of my deep-stacked chips by folding when V comes over the top on the turn on a 3Bet pot, I can live with that. 6.) I almost never slow play if I hit the nuts. A decent-sized value bet confirms my table image, especially on flop. If V has anything,even a decent draw, V will call or raise. If I am playing a maniac, then, yes, I will often check raise. But generally, in my limited experience, if V is going to fold to a flop raise, V is going to fold to a turn raise or a river raise. And, of course, sometimes the "nuts" can evaporate. I want to get as much $ into the pot as I can...until the board pairs AAQQx and I realize I have the worse Full House potentially. Or four clubs and my hand is suited spades, you know the drill.

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Where are the flaws in my strategy? I really want to learn and improve and would appreciate any feedback.



  • GhostEagle

    Set the trainer to give you only QJ in all positions and play as many hands as you can. See how you fair. Cheapest way to get an education. When to fold when to CR, when to just call. Always try and figure out V's range and how that effects your decisions. Then review, review and review some more.
    I've done this for a lot of hands and situations that give me trouble and its worked wonders.

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