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For General Amusement


I don't think I am competent enough to play for real $ yet, but for a break from playing v the Bots, I like to dip my toes in Play WPT. It's pretty ridiculous because the $ isn't real. I am working my way up the ladder but still most Vs play any two hands. I try to stay disciplined and have not had a losing session yet. Anyway, the hand: $10,000/100/200 6 MAX. H has 125 BBs. It's a good table. Scares off a lot of tourists. H is close to short stack, so we will use 125BB as eff. stack. H has KcQc on Button. Everybody Limps (standard). H makes it 1200. Everybody calls. Not unheard of. Flop comes TdKh9h. H has top pair and a gutshot. By the time the action on the flop gets to H, EVERYONE HAS GONE ALL IN! EVERYONE! Pot is 175k or so, giving H about 7 to 1. 7 to 1! With top pair and good draw. H goes all-in; joins the party. H figures one person has AA, for sure, but the odds, right? Turn comes Qh. Two pair! Cha-ching! Not so fast....River is the deuce of hearts. One V went all-in on a flush draw. And won! Hysterical. Oh yeah, and one V had AA. He was steamin'

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