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Hand Review and suggesions.


So I recently played a hand with 8 players on the table.
UTG+1 has over 100BB raises it to 2 big blinds.
MP has 35BB and calls.
Button has 40BB and calls.
SB folds
I'm on the BB with 24BB with Ako

I shoved and MP called with 99.

My question is would I have been better served to call as opposed to shoving? I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer on this.


  • keithdunlapk

    That is a really good question. I will leave it to the experts to provide an answer. But I find it really interesting MP calls a min raise with 35BB and then calls your shove. Could very well be that V MP assumed that "short-stacked" BB H would shove with less than AK. Of course, getting it all in with AK is not a bad situation. If MP V had AA or KK, that would suck. But, chances are low on that; wouldn't MP V 3bet AA or KK most of the time v EP min raise. Again, I am not an expert, but it seems you made a great play, getting 99 all-in v AK. I have read in a few places that 25BB is not necessarily "short-stacked". And could have been played more conventionally. Agaib, I will let other more experienced players clear the fog here. But thank you for sharing this hand. Super interesting.

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