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Australian Resident Playing Online Poker

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I am thinking of canceling my subscription because I have just been made aware that playing poker online in Australia is prohibited

Do you have any advise on why I should continue using this site

I will admit it has improved my game alot but I dont see the use in continuing if I cant play online

Kind regards


  • AllenBlay

    I think the best reason is that it keeps your mind sharp and you'll be ready if and when online poker becomes legal again, and the skills are important not only for keeping your brain sharp, but also for home games. I know that we have members from many places where online poker is illegal. I would guess fewer than half of our members play poker online.

    We actually have a large number of current full members from Australia. I even know people who never play poker outside of our site who are members. I guess it just depends on if you enjoy the site and think it helps your mind fresh. I think it's a similar argument to why so many people pay for online chess training even though they can't make money playing chess - it is good for the mind. I think poker is similarly very good for your brain and I just enjoy playing the game.

    Thanks for asking, and I understand regardless of what you decide,


  • taylormadev

    Thank you very much for your reply Allen

    Definitely something to think about :)

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