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All pairs


Stranger things have happened...

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  • dhirigoyd
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    I think I would have folded after the button re-raise pre-flop. You have a raise from UTG+3 with 2 callers (including yourself) and the button still re-raises . And everyone calls! Sounds like some heavy duty hands, don't you think? At least one player must have an over pair to yours


  • nytider

    I like to think I'd have folded pre-flop. But it all depends on whether I am due for my patented blow-up hand. TT is exactly the kind of hand I can fall in love with, especially with that flop.

  • lasv3gasl

    I agree with the play until the second re-raise post flop. I think I would have folded thinking my T-T is probably beat (or at best a flip) by at least one hand, either an overpair or set.

    Then again, I've been smacked around post-flop by many of my leaks... so in the heat of the moment maybe I would have called All-In too.


  • zola17z

    the pocket queens not re-raising pre flop but then donk betting post flop is the most interesting part to me. When the button only basically raises the pot preflop in position with a much bigger stack than anyone else if you did't re-raise with QQ what's the rationale for donk bet post flop. Either way you got to figure TT is behind pre flop and needs to hit trips.

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