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Edge Browser in Live Games


I am just curious if anyone has had or has heard of anyone having an issue with the Microsoft Edge browser in the live games offered here. Specifically, one of the users who plays in my private games reports an intermittent issue with the game "freezing."


  • AllenBlay

    Do you know if anyone is still having any issues with this? I was waiting to see if anyone else responded - I haven't heard of this from anyone else. It seems to work fine for me, so I think the problem might be specific to the user's device or internet service and not really the browser.

  • nytider

    Allen, that user is the only one I know with an issue. He is also, however, the only one I know for certain to be using MS Edge. It could very well be an issue with the device, connectivity, etc. I just knew that historically Edge has not been as universally compatible as some other browsers. So I wanted to start there, by checking to see if anyone else had encountered an issue. Thanks.

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