Private Poker Games

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I have created a couple of Private games for our poker group. Most are a one time only. How do I delete the game once it is played?

On a multi-table tournament, does the system rebalance the tables as players are eliminated? Should everyone sign-in and select table 1?

How do they know which table to select?


  • AllenBlay

    Hi Bill,
    There isn't any way to delete the game right now, but we will delete them over time.

    The system will assign everyone to a table automatically and it will also rebalance the tables. Your group doesn't need to select tables or worry about the rebalancing.


  • nytider

    The private MTTs work quite well. I had my group playing on another site, and there were a couple of things they did with the seating and rebalancing that were maddening. But everything has worked well here. We have played a few tournaments and a few ring games. I am very happy.

  • AllenBlay

    Really glad to hear that @nytider

    Thanks for the good feedback.


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