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LAG AI Bluffing or Not Bluffing


I am very new to Poker but happy so far with my progress. Thanks APT! I have one glaring leak which is obvious in my stats: I haven't figured out a way to discern whether the loose aggressive players are bluffing or not. We don't have stats on them, (which would be helpful BTW; that way we could figure a bluffing %.) I have noticed LAGS triple barreling OOP with nothing on a wet scary board. Today I had a full house (H on button with QT; board QTJTJ rainbow) lose my all-in to a LAG with slow-played JJ OOP: no PFR, no 3-bet, no lead on flop, turn, or river. Nothing to indicate V had JJ for four of a kind.

Absent being able to calculate hand equity against bluff %, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the fold here?




  • kingbee

    It's very hard to fold a full house. I rarely do. He didn't need both of his pocket jacks to beat you. Jx would've given him a better full house. You didn't say what the bet sizes or stack sizes were. Yes, different bots play differently. I'm trying to use this to learn to spot patterns in opponents. If your bot is a loose calling station, it would react that way always unless you're betting very big and maybe sometimes even if you are. Some people play exactly like that.
    good luck
    Walt (Kingbee)

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