LAG AI Bluffing or Not Bluffing


I am very new to Poker but happy so far with my progress. Thanks APT! I have one glaring leak which is obvious in my stats: I haven't figured out a way to discern whether the loose aggressive players are bluffing or not. We don't have stats on them, (which would be helpful BTW; that way we could figure a bluffing %.) I have noticed LAGS triple barreling OOP with nothing on a wet scary board. Today I had a full house (H on button with QT; board QTJTJ rainbow) lose my all-in to a LAG with slow-played JJ OOP: no PFR, no 3-bet, no lead on flop, turn, or river. Nothing to indicate V had JJ for four of a kind.

Absent being able to calculate hand equity against bluff %, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the fold here?



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