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what do I actually get

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Hello ,
I am online pro from Europe.I am constantly making money ,it comes out at 250 BB per 1000 hands.SInce Pokerstars allows 4 tables maximum it takes me around 3 hours for 1000 hands. Now can you tel me what I get if I get your membership ,and how exaclly will you help me improve my game.
Also I 34 YO ,and I am living out of poker for last 11 years ,so I busted myself quite a few times ,so money managment is not issue with me ,I play now 6 handed chash games with 200 buyins :) at least...I know its overkill ,and I am loosing money in long run ,but when you loose everything ,it not fun.So that the way I handle the money side ,so even if big down swing comes I can wether thestorm.
Again I am interested how will you help me to improve ,if you can explain it to me please?

Kind regards

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