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Free play money game questions/comments

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Thanks for setting up,looks great. A few questions:

  1. Do you rake the play money games? That has been a problem for me at other sites.
  2. Can you make an option for $.5/$1.00 blinds? That is what my group is currently playing.
  3. How would we obtain additional chips if the initial 20,000 chips runs out?
  4. Is the table captain in charge of distributing chips to the players? I have to have control of who gets chips, how many and when they get them.
  5. Does the program log all the hands?
  6. Can a player stand up and sit out a few hands? If so how are blinds handled when they are sitting out?
  7. Can player choose stratel postion? I'd like first to act and Dealer button.

Thanks for all you.


  • SteveBlay
    edited June 2020

    Hi, answers below:

    1. No, we do not rake.
    2. Right now 1 / 2 is the smallest we offer
    3. Every day when a player logs in, they get 10,000 free chips
    4. You cannot control how many chips they have in their account (see #3), but click the "Live Games Results" button on your member page and you can see everyone's wins and losses.
    5. Hand Histories are only available for MTTs at the moment, but we are hoping to add them for ring games.
    6. Yes, and I believe if they miss the blinds they will be forced to pay them to re-enter. Let me know if that is not the case.
    7. Currently we only offer first to act straddle. There is a check box for that when you set up the game.


  • nohedgen

    i see peoples rooms with a lot of different blinds and options i did not see when creating?? i.e. .25/.5 etc etc?? how is this done?

  • AllenBlay
    edited June 2020

    @nohedge said:
    i see peoples rooms with a lot of different blinds and options i did not see when creating?? i.e. .25/.5 etc etc?? how is this done?

    Good point @nohedge - Those were set up manually when we were testing the private server out. We found that those lower stakes don't work correctly on our replayer, so we did not put them in the game setup. However, based on your question and @jrstlmo I think there are many people who would like to play these blinds with their friends. Look for them available very shortly in the setup menu. We will just allow these fractional levels to be played without the ability to replay them on the training side of the site.

    Thanks for the suggestion and for asking.


  • SteveBlay

    It is now possible to configure a ring game with blinds of

    .05 / .10
    .10 / .25
    .25 / .50
    .50 / 1

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